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About this...

I'm Michelle Murphy.

I've always had a love for creating and nature. When I was little, I wanted to become a jeweler and work with stones. That is until I found out how much sanding was involved. My mom always encouraged me to try different mediums and crafts, and I can quite confidently say that sewing machines can sense fear.

I went to Boise State University as a Fine Arts major with an emphasis in pottery. Who knew an emphasis in pottery was even an option in college?

As far as careers go, I worked in the floral industry for many years and I tried out office work. Where my soul withered away. Until one day, not that long ago, I started playing with watercolors.

Follow along on Instagram to see how I paint and there's other cute stuff too!

Ok, so what do I paint? Lots of animals! Most of my work centers around simple subjects with negative spaces (bonus points if I can subtly work in an emotion). The way paint moves and influences the eyes to see something that might not really be there is magic to me! I really want my work to have a touch of whimsy to it.

Like many artists, I have gone through the idea that everything has been done before and nothing is new. But I have been shown by YOU that even my simple works can make it out there and can create joy in people's lives. It blows my mind that I have been able to touch people's lives by doing something that I absolutely love doing. Sometimes I doubt what I am doing (don't we all?), but I have been shown that creating and sharing my joy has an impact.

Thank you.

My home studio is here in Nampa, Idaho; you can find my work locally at-

The Mylk Box

The Merq

 Check out my Commissions page for more subjects I've taken on. There are a lot of animals!

Please enjoy as I keep making and growing with my art :)